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Commercial Magnetic Locks

Even though solid glass doors are so welcoming, they must be securely locked. Doing so while preserving the open and stylish feeling of a location can be accomplished effectively by using electromagnetic locks and egress systems.

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Electromagnetic locks only require the contact of a metal plate, usually at the top of the door, with a plate whose magnetic field is created by electricity to secure the door to its rated force, which is expressed in pounds. Those door plates can be small, highly polished and stylish, if required.

Why Electromagnetic?

If you are securing a door and want to be able to unlock it remotely or automatically, then your choices are:[ul style=”17″]
[li]An electromagnetic (mag) lock[/li]
[li]An electric strike[/li]
[li]An electric lockset.[/li][/ul]
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Use of electromagnetic locks is suggested in facilities that have high traffic and life safety issues, such as auditoriums, shopping malls, department stores, airports or railroad stations, anyplace where high-durability, low-maintenance device that will give you a lifetime of trouble-free usage.

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